United States Four Corners

When you look at the contiguous United States - i.e. the central, rectangular part where all states are touching each other - there are four specific points that map out the furthest the shape stretches. There is a northernmost point, a southernmost point, an easternmost point and a westernmost point.

You might be surprised where some of these locations fall on the map. For example, where would you think the northernmost point was? Perhaps in Maine? Actually it ends up being in Minnesota. It probably does make sense that the southernmost point is in Florida.

North: Northwest Angle, MN

West: Cape Flattery, WA

Center 45d: Perry, ME

East: Lubec, ME

South: Key West, FL

The southernmost point in all fifty states can be found on the big island of Hawaii - Hawaii Trip and Photos.

There is also a location called "four corners" which is where four states meet up together in an exact point. Four Corners Travelogue

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