Four Corners - CO UT AZ NM Photos and Tips

The Four Corners area is the area in the west where four states touch. This is Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. It is the only spot in the entire United States where four states touch all at once. There are no spots where five states touch! There are MANY spots where three states touch. Just abut every state has one of those borders. Maine is the only state that touches only one other state (New Hampshire). Tennessee touches the most other states (eight).

Four CornersOn this map the four corners states are highlighted in green. For those hazy on US state geography, Utah is the top left, Colorado is the top right, Arizona is the bottom left, and New Mexico is the bottom right.

Much of this region is native American reservation, and many famous Western movies were shot on location here. There is Monument Valley, full of red rock and tall bluffs. There are the giant saguaro cactii of Arizona. Colorado is famous for its mountains and Mesa Verde, where cliff dwellings were created back in the year 1100. The Grand Canyon is in this region as well. There is simply so much to see!

I went to the four corners area in 2007 to research for my Native American Wedding Traditions book. We flew in to Denver, Colorado, drove down to Mesa Verde, across to the Grand Canyon, down to southern Arizona and then flew out of Phoenix, Arizona. We took TONS of photos. Read on for more information!

Fri - Denver Colorado down to Mesa Verde, CO
Sat - Mesa Verde, Colorado
Sun - The Four Corners spot, Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon
Mon - Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, AZ
Tue - Saguaro Cactii

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