How To Tame a Budgie

At this point your parakeet should be quite comfortable sitting on a perch made up of the base perch (wood/plastic) and your finger. If your parakeet is not at that stage yet, go Finger-Perch Train your Parakeet.

You can probably guess what the next step is here. Go through your normal morning routine - soft music, quiet room. Change the food and water. This time do NOT take the perch from the side of the cage. Just move your hand over TO that perch and slowly stick your finger out over the perch.

Slowly move your hand with the stuck-out finger towards your parakeet. Your keet should be very comfortable with a moving hand and a sticking-out perch like thing at this point and not think anything of it. Press your finger softly against the leg / lower chest area of your parakeet, saying "UP" quietly but firmly. Your parakeet should step up onto your finger!

Note that parakeets LIKE sitting on fingers, from a sensory point of view. They have soft little feet! Wood and plastic is hard on them, and it's not like they can wear socks or lie down. The have to be sitting on their feet ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. Your nice, soft finger is like a heavenly bed to them! It's warm, gentle on the tender feet, soft, just what every parakeet would dream about sitting on.

Nazo and Pinto relax on Bob's hands

Praise your parakeet for sitting on your finger. Don't move your hand around! Let your keet get used to sitting on the finger, just relaxing there. Some parakeets will even fall asleep on the finger because it's so comfortable. When you are done, move your finger slowly to another perch so she can hop off.

This is a CRITICAL step in finger training, so spend a lot of time on it. Your parakeet needs to learn that your finger is a safe spot, a DESIRED spot to sit on. Any time your parakeet gets out of the cage, you need to be able to get her back IN her cage in case of emergency. So she needs to promptly get onto your finger if you ask her to, so you can move her to safety.

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