How To Tame a Budgie

Before you can finger-perch train your parakeet, your parakeet MUST be comfortable getting "up" onto a moving perch that you push against her. Be sure to Finish Perch Training your Parakeet before you move on to this step.

So now your parakeet knows that a perch in your hand is a trustworthy thing to sit on. She readily gets onto a perch that you move against her. She is learning to trust you as a "thing to sit on".

When you are ready to begin this step, prepare the room as usual - have it quiet, soft music playing. Change the food and water as usual. Remove one of the smaller perches from the cage. This time, however, put your finger on top of the perch. That is, hold the perch in your hand and stretch your second finger out (the one you point with) so it lays on top of the perch. Now the "perch" is a thick perch made up of the wood/plastic below and your finger above.

Once again, move this perch slowly towards your parakeet. Your parakeet is by now used to this and doesn't really think much of the fact that the perch has an extra bit of thickness to it. When you say UP to your keet, she should step onto the "perch", which is now your finger and the wood/plastic. Maybe the keet is on the perch part, maybe she's on the finger part, maybe she's half and half. Either way is OK.

Nazo trusts Bob to hold the bathtub while she splashes

Stay very still and praise her! She has gotten onto the offered perch without a problem. If she balks, go back to just the perch until she is comfortable with that, and then try again.

Do this exercise a few times a day for a few days until she learns that the finger-perch is a quite reasonable place to sit. If she keeps sitting on the perch part and not your finger part, try finding a shorter perch so that the perch length IS your finger length and she doesn't really have a choice.

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