Do Parakeets Stink / Smell?

Many people are curious if parakeets smell. It's sort of asking if dogs smell. You can have a dog that is kept clean and has pretty much no odor at all. You can also have a dog that is never washed, that rolls around in the mud all day, and that has an INCREDIBLE stench. It is all up to you.

In general, parakeets do not smell at all! They are very clean creatures. If you give them a bathtub, they will gladly take baths every day. They preen themselves constantly. They don't go outside. They don't go in the mud. They don't really "get dirty". They eat dried seeds and fresh fruits and veggies. They don't have bad breath. They are some of the cleanest animals out there.

Does a keet cage smell? Well, I suppose it does if you don't clean it. Keet poops are very tiny and are small, dry circles. They really don't smell at all. Still, if you let those poops pile up for months, they would start to stink. If you clean the cage properly, there won't be a smell associated with them. You want to keep the cage clean, for regular sanitary issues!

Their food is usually dried pellets or dried seed. Those have no odor at all. You also feed the keets fresh fruits and veggies. I suppose those smell like fresh fruits and veggies - apple, orange, etc. But you give them the food, and when they're done eating, you take it away. So it only has that aroma while they're eating. It's like when you sit down to dinner, the table smells like the food you're eating. Then when you wash the plates, that aroma goes away. You don't feed your parakeets garlic or fish :) So they're not eating smelly foods.

So in general, a keet is a very odor free pet, if cared for properly!

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