All About Parakeet and Budgie Cages

One of the most important decisions you can make for your parakeet is the cage he or she lives in. This cage is their safe retreat, their home, their comfort spot.

Here are articles to help you find the safest, most comfortable home possible for your parakeet!

Choosing a Great Budgie Cage for your Parakeet
Proper Cage Location for a Budgie or Parakeet
Humidity Levels for a Parakeet
Cage Liner / Cage Bottom for a Parakeet or Budgie
Cleaning a Budgie Cage
Do Parakeets Stink / Smell?

Air Conditioning and Budgie / Parakeet
Winter Heating and Budgie / Parakeet
Myth - Newspapers are Poisonous to Parakeets
Photos of Cage Types

Parakeet Info Homepage

Cat / Parakeet Info Homepage


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