Household Safety Checklist for your Parakeet / Budgie

Parakeets are highly inquisitive creatures and are as smart as a 2 or 3 year old baby. They can get into REALLY tiny corners and wedge themselves into holes when they are exploring. Be sure to never let a budgie roam around without you being there to help keep an eye on it. A parakeet is just like a human baby. They love to nibble at everything and try to get where they should not be. It's your role, as the "parent", to parakeet-proof your home and not keep any dangerous items around. You can never count on your parakeet to simply "avoid" the dangerous locations.

Very Important: Never bring a bird out when someone is cooking, period. Hundreds of birds are scalded because the owners figured "Oh the bird will never come into the kitchen". This danger has nothing to do with the bird's wings being clipped or unclipped. Clipped birds are just as likely (if not more) to fall into danger in the kitchen.

Explore each room in your home. Look for potential dangers in each one. Try to keep the house reasonably neat so a parakeet can't get lost or trapped under a pile of junk. Close the doors to any rooms which are simply too dangerous to try to fix, and make up door-hangers to put on them whenever the parakeet is out, that say "Parakeet is Loose - Keep Closed." Make sure all windows have screens on them which are securely closed.

Always leave toilet seats down. Always. It'll be that one time you forget that the parakeet decides to race in there for fun. I have heard from sad owners whose keets drowned in the toilet bowl in a matter of minutes. Don't leave other 'standing water' out like for cleaning the floor.

The kitchen can be full of hazards. Don't have any pots of liquid out, and make sure all elements on the stove are cool. Parakeets don't necessarily mean to land in danger, but sometimes they do by accident. Sure, your keet may usually avoid the kitchen - but you never know.

Food can be exceptionally dangerous for parakeets. They love to nibble. Make sure nothing harmful to eat is around. Don't leave out chocolate, even at holiday times! Don't allow any poisonous plants in the house at any time. Don't use anything poisonous that could get into the air - definitely no smoking, no cooking with teflon, Do NOT use a self cleaning oven cycle unless the windows are wide open and the birds are somewhere safe. NO mite sprays, etc.

Don't forget to examine your walls and ceilings - birds can get just about anywhere. Don't use ceiling fans unless they are VERY slow. Many parakeets have been harmed or killed by spinning fan blades. Be sure to keep screens on all of your windows so the parakeet can't escape out a window.

Remember, it is your repsonsibility as the owner to keep the environment safe, not the bird's to know what to do and not to do. Think of it as having a crawling infant. Do you let an infant play upstairs and just say, "Now remember, don't go towards the stairs!" Or do you leash the child in one room? No, you gate the stairs so it is safe no matter what else happens, and you are always present with the child to watch it, just in case. Just as with an infant, do not let your parakeet out unattended. They are VERY curious and can easily crawl into some nook or cranny where they get stuck.

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