Poisonous Foods and Plants to Avoid for your Parakeet

Parakeets are lactose-tolerant and cannot eat a lot of dairy product. Also, parakeets are HIGHLY allergic to chocolate and avocados and should never be given either. Junk food such as pretzles, potato chips, etc. aren't good for a parakeet either!

You can feed a parakeet fresh fruit such as apples and cherries, but be careful about the seeds as those have toxins in them. Lettuce is fine, but it really has no nutrients in it. It's better to give them other, healthier greens.

Poisonous plants to keep away from parakeets:
calla lily
english ivy
lily of the valley

VERY IMPORTANT: if you have a parakeet, it's best to rid your house of non-stick cookware. If you EVER accidentially leave one of these pots or pans on the stove and it runs dry, the odors put off from the cookware are fatal to parakeets. It's far safer to not have any in the house than to take that chance.

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