Parakeet Budgie and Keet Preening

The most important part of a parakeet's body is its wings. In its native Australian grasslands, the wings allowed a parakeet to escape from predators and find food. The parakeet spends time every day caring for its wings, preening them and keeping them clean.

A parakeet loves to Take a Bath to keep its wings very clean. But even beyond bathtime, a parakeet will preen its wings, keeping them in good working order. This involves ruffling through the feathers with his beak, sliding the longer feathers through his beak, scratching at his head with his claws, and fluffing out his feathers to shake out any dust.

This next picture is of Pinto trying to preen his chest feathers. If you see a bird is really itchy, maybe because new feathers are growing in, you can often help out by nuzzling the itchy area of the bird with your finger. You'll find that *especially* when new head-feathers are growing in, your parakeet will love this!

Note that if a parakeet starts actually YANKING OUT feathers, this is a sign of stress. Your parakeet should not be deliberately pulling out feathers, either from his own body or from those of his flockmates. While feathers do naturally molt and get replaced automatically, if your parakeet is yanking out numerous feathers it's time to talk to a vet.

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