Giving a Bird a Bath
Parakeets and Bathtime

Many bird owners don't realize how much birds love to take baths, either because they don't offer bathtubs to their birds, or because they leave the bathtubs in the cages, where they get grungy. Baths are important not only for the bird's sunny disposition, but also for their health.

Birds in the wild naturally take baths in puddles or by the edges of water areas. They enjoy this a great bit, splashing around in the water, and it of course helps keep their feathers clean.

If you have a pet bird, you should give it this same opportunity. Find a bathtub that is large enough to hold your bird, but shallow enough that its head is still above water when it stands in it. At least once a week, fill the bath with tepid (NOT hot or cold) water, and put the bath somewhere that the bird feels safe getting into.

Many birds will immediately hop into the bath, while others might need time to get used to the tub. They'll open their feathers wide to get water underneath, and splash around. When they're done, be sure they have a warm, non-breezy place to dry off.

You might even find your birds enjoy other bathing areas. My parakeets love to splash under a slowly-running faucet in the sink, playing in the gentle, lukewarm water stream. One even hops on my shoulder when I take a shower myself, playing in the water that's running off my head!

On a related note, NEVER make water a punishment for a bird - don't spray or mist them when you wish to punish them (as some people do with cats). A bird should relish playing in water, drinking water, and enjoying water. To make it even remotely a 'bad thing' is going to harm your bird's ability to keep clean and hydrated.

See if you can make bathing another fun part of your shared life with your birds. They'll thank you for it.

Step by Step Instructions to Teach your Bird to Bathe
Showering With your Bird

If you don't currently have a parakeet bathtub, they're available at any petstore near you, or at

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