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Looking Back - A Medieval Romance Looking Back takes place on the western coast of England, just above the border with Wales. On the first map, the green dot shows the area this story is taking place in.

Looking Back medieval novel

In medieval times it was very challenging to live on a coastline. Pirates could easily sweep onto land, destroy everything, steal everything, and then vanish again before any action could be taken against them.

The famous man Saint Patrick, who lived in the 400s, had been born in Wales and was captured, as a teenager, by Irish pirates and taken back to Ireland. So his story is just one of thousands of people affected by the raiding and pirate activity along that coastline.

The kings and nobles did the best they could to keep patrols in the area to protect their population.

Here is a more close-up view of the area in question.

Looking Back medieval novel

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The maps used to illustrate these locations were sourced from Google.

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