Location for A Sense of Duty

When I create my medieval novel storylines, the location plays a critical role in how the story unfolds. In medieval days, people often were born, lived, and died within a ten mile radius. The landscapes, the specific characteristics of where they lived played a key role in how they thought and acted.

In A Sense of Duty, the story takes place on the northeastern coast of England, around Constance's home town of North Sunderland.

Location for A Sense of Duty

This area was routinely threatened with pirates, and presented to its inhabitants a sense of danger - but also the open expanses of the sea, an impression that possibilities were just over the horizon. Constance grew up knowing just how fleeting life was, and treasuring every moment of what she had.

Constance's specific world was well defined to her -

Location for A Sense of Duty

She grew up in a keep in North Sunderland, surrounded by villagers and farmers who relied on her family for protection. The Beadnell lands to the south equally had faith in her family. However, the pirates were incessant and ruthless. Out of desperation her family turned to Barnard, who occupied the inland keep at Swinhoe, in order to help solidify their protective forces.

Constance's aunt Silvia resides at a nunnery in Embleton, a short distance to the south.

The maps used to illustrate these locations were sourced from Google.

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