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Ukraine 15th Independence

This is the short version of the travelogue. There is also a Short Version and a Slideshow of Independence Day with 65 images for this day.

Today was the day of Ukraine's 15th year of independence - but the celebration was postponed because a Russian jet had come down. We didn't know this at first. We asked at the front desk and they said they didn't know what was going on. Kris and I put on our Ukrainian embroidered shirts and headed out with her parents.

Everything was set up for the parade - there were tons of temporary cafes along the street, the streets had been blocked off - and there were actually people out. Just no parade! A few vendors were there to look at. The flags were lovely :)

Ukrainian Flags

We did stop in a McDonalds just to take a look, then Kris wanted to eat in the TGI Friday's. Since it was our "day off", I said sure! We relaxed, had fun, and then headed back to the hotel. I used the internet for a while, catching up, at outrageous prices of $9/hr.

For dinner, we met up with Peter and Victor and went out to a local restaurant which was super, with pirogis and potato pancakes. We really loved it, then headed to the hotel to rest.

Friday - Taras Shevchenko Tomb
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