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Friday was our last day in Ukraine, and the schedule had us all going to the tomb of Taras Sherchenko, which is about 2 hours each way out of Kiev. At this point, though, many of the group were burnt out. Mom was feeling more sick than ever. Len's foot was hurting him. The two guys wanted to explore Kyiv more. However, Stephanie, Nick, Kris and I were determined to make this pilgrimage. We ate and met up in the lobby.

First we drove to the local street market area, where Kris and I went looking for souveniers. I had literally not bought anything myself yet. Here I did buy one thing - a nesting doll set for my sister. We spent a while finding just the right dolls, which was a lot of fun! Kris also got a painting and a few other things.

The bus ride out was very quiet and relaxing. We all had rows to ourselves :) The landscapes we drove past were quite gorgeous here. You can see why they created the Ukrainian flag the way they did.

The bus drove us right up to the entrance of the small park area. As we waited, our tour guide brought a Brazilian / Ukrainian group up to their bus. He apparently could speak many, many languages! Stephanie said these people spoke Ukrainian with a Brazilian accent, which seems pretty neat!

Our guide showed us the tomb of the long term gravekeeper of this site, and then the house where lived. This was a traditional small home. He told us of the Ukrainian tradition - when a girl was born they planted lovely flowering plants, and when a boy was born they would plant an oak tree.

Then we walked past the HUGE (3 story, quite substantial) museum which apparently needs a lot of money to be fixed up. It will take years before it's open again. Unfortunately, because it's closed, attendance has plummeted which makes the finances even worse.

Small dogs were all about, keeping an eye on things and relaxing in the shade. There were also a few guards, and a few other tourists.

Then we got to see the tomb, overlooking the river, and hear all about Taras' life and contributions to Ukraine. It was gorgeous weather, and quite lovely sitting, overlooking the river.

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