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Taras Sherchenko Tomb

This is the short version of the travelogue. There is also a Long Version and a Slideshow of Taras Sherchenko's Tomb with 172 images for this day.

Today was SUPER relaxing, and should have been what we did after the train trip! Many of the tour group was sick / had injuries by this point and stayed in Kyiv for the day. Kris and I and her parents headed out to the tomb. It was a long, relaxing ride out, and then a gorgeous day to sit by the river and hear all about the life of Taras.

Then a leisurely ride back, some rest, and then a dinner all together!

Hotel Rus

Kris and I then saw fireworks from our hotel window, then joined the guys for our night out on the town. We drank Ukrainian sparkling wine, danced, and finally got home to rest up a bit.

Flying Out of Kyiv
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