Kyiv - Ukraine Travelogue - Aug 17

Even though we went to bed at 3am, we were up bright and early for our final breakfast. Everyone was there to check out in a timely manner! Impressive. We all loaded up the mini-van one last time. It was a relatively long ride out to the airport, while the world around us prepared to celebrate the Ukrainian Independence a few days late.

We unloaded at the airport and guarded the bags while we all got ourselves organized. Then in we went. I got through without even a question about anything, but Stephanie apparently was hassled every step of the way! Once again our seats were all separate from each other, but it didn't seem like we'd be able to get any changes done here.

We went through a passport check up to the main waiting lobby which had shops, kiosks for food and TV. We rested and read. They didn't want us taking photos in here for security reasons. Then they called the plane all at once so we ALL had to form a gigantic line for the security xray machine. They looked through *everything* here and we all had to take off our footwear. Then it was right onto the plane. I put on my noise-cancelling headphones, turned on my pillow and promptly fell asleep :)

I did take photos of the meals but didn't really eat much. Soon we were in New York!

Passports were quick here - they didn't ask me anything - but there's no bathrooms when you get through them! This made it rough for several people. Once again we waited eons before the luggage came out and then there was a giant room to get through customs. Finally we got out. We said sad goodbyes to Vic and his family!

OK, there were 7 of us. We realized we had 2 hrs before the van would come and get us! We managed to get through to the van company and learned, luckily, the guy was here already. Then we found him and got out on the curb while he brought the van around.

It was a few hours to ride home, and I had fun playing videos on my laptop for people to see. The last ever photo is of Peter taking a photo of the last photo!

Soon we were at Kris' house, and said goodbye to them. Then it was a ride back to my mom's where I waited for Bob to come and get me ... and eventually I was home again! Hurrah!!

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