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Ivano-Frankivsk and Gutsulchyna Restaurant

Friday August 18, 2006

This is the short version of the travelogue. There is also a Long Version and a Slideshow of Ivano-Frankivsk Photos with 119 images for this day.

We said goodbye to our cousin Anna, checked out of the Hotel Opera, and began our killer 4 1/2 hr mini-van ride with all our luggage and no air conditioning. We did get a restroom break at a gas station along the way, but by the time we hit Yaremche we were ready for food and drink. There were all sorts of interesting scenery along the way.

Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine Photo

Unfortunately they'd made the lunch reservation for another hour after this! We wandered around the little marketplace for a while.

Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine Photo

Finally lunch was ready. It was a set menu, which was tough on many of our group members. I was lucky in that I liked pretty much everything, but others were far less lucky. After another quick shopping session we were heading the 2 hours back to the hotel, which we'd passed on the way in.

The hotel was in great need of repair. The carpets were torn up, there was styrofoam showing in the elevator and the rooms were questionable - no air conditioning, no screens on the windows. Tons of mosquitoes. We freshened up quickly and then headed out ot the restaurant. We'd been told it was a 10 minute walk ... 30 minutes later, we did get to it.

Lviv Ukraine Photo

Many people were STARVING so we ordered as quickly as we could, having to share the English menus. Finally the food began to arrive and we all relaxed. It was a very enjoyable dinner, with a cake and everything. Finally we headed back to sleep. Kris and I were lucky - she got DDT from Peter and we could sleep with the windows wide open, giving us SOME breeze and not too many mosquitoes. Our parents were less lucky, they were bit all up and were hot too.

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