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Sunday August 20, 2006

This is the long version of the travelogue. There is also a Short Version and a Slideshow of Ivano-Frankivsk Photos with 298 images for this day.

This was finally a morning where I woke up having gotten a lot of sleep! Hurrah :) It was relatively cool when we woke, which was nice. Kris and I showered, and I was very happy that where the shower had only gotten to "warm" last night it now did crank up to "hot".

We headed down for breakfast, they had a buffet here so this was also my first real breakfast too. They had a few random items, eggs, orange juice, fruits etc. We met up with the boys and ate out on the little patio. The boys had nicknamed the walk past us (out of the park) as the "walk of shame" where the prostitutes were all going home.

kolomaya ukraine photo

Soon we met up with everyone to climb onto the mini-van. They had one with air conditioning now! Hurah!! Mom and Len got little sleep - apparently their 2nd floor room was right over the disco and it was VERY loud. Luckily Kris and I were on the 3rd floor and didn't have any problems. We had about an hour ride through pretty fields and little villages to get to Kolomeya. Note that I've seen this spelled many ways - Kolomyya, Kolomeya etc.

We heard gorgeous church singing so we followed the sound through a VERY trash-filled park and ended up at a speaker. There were a cute pair of monkeys here! Then we had to move all around the edge of the walls to get to the actual church. I got a video of the singing, it really was nice. Most women going in had head scarves on so I only went in quickly to look around before leaving again.

kolomaya ukraine photo

Now we walked over to the center of town, past a little market which we said we'd visit later. The center was quite lovely with old buildings and a main town hall. There was a girl there with a cute little puppy. The streets were still filthy here with paper, food, broken bottles and so. We did see people out sweeping up - apparently this happens every Saturday night during their partying craziness! :)

kolomaya ukraine photo

Our guide finally came over and said the Pysanky museum was ready for us. Unfortunately for photo-taking, it was under repair!

kolomaya ukraine photo

We had a VERY strict guide at this museum who insisted we all stay with the group every second even though he only spoke Ukrainian and half of us didn't understand him. Some of us would rather have just looked at the exhibits at our own pace. There were two floors of exhibits - they showed how Pysanky were made, had numerous varieties, plus artwork, embroidery examples, a Hustul kitchen, and much more. It really was quite neat. For example in the kitchen area Nick explained that when he grew up in rural Belarus he slept on top of the oven since it was warm. We visited the little gift shop then went out to find a restaurant.

Unfortunately we tried four different restaurants and NONE would take us. They all said they were full. We were starving, but our guide suggested we try going through the next museum - the Hutsul museum - very quickly and then trying for food after that.

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