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We really loved the Hotel Opera. The staff were extremely friendly, the restaurant was nice, the lobby was quiet and elegant. The hotel rooms were a nice size and had air conditioning. The toilets were clean. The shower was great and steady, even if the drain did fill up a little quickly.

Our AC in our room had been set to "sun" this whole time and was quite comfortable. The others had turned theirs to "snowflake" thinking this made them cooler - and in fact it made them hotter. They finally figured out that the sun meant "turn to this in summer" (i.e. AC) and the snowflake meant "turn to this in winter" (i.e. heat).

The prices and internet charge were *great*. I made one phone call to Bob (maybe 10 minutes) and was on the Internet pretty much *non stop* for 2 days straight. It only came out to $20 US total charge. Compare this with the Hotel Rus, in Kiev, which was charging me $9 an HOUR to get on the internet!!

Note that while Lviv generally only gets water from 6-10am and 6-10pm for conservation reasons, we got water 24 hours a day at this hotel.

The Hotel Opera is Highly Recommended, I'd stay here again in a heartbeat.

When we stayed in 2006 it was about $100/night.

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