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nadiya hotel lviv ukraine

The entire Nadiya hotel was under renovation - with rugs ripped up, styrofoam showing at the elevator, and only one working. Mom and Len were given a twin bedroom and when they asked for a single bed they got "downsized" to a tiny room where the shower was the entire bathroom (i.e. there was a drain in the floor, like on cruise ships).

There was no AC here and it was very hot in the rooms. Also there were no screens on the windows meaning we were deluged with mosquitos at night.

Their only internet access was in their cafe downstairs, which didn't let you hook up a laptop. Meaning if my servers went down while I was here I would have been powerless to fix them, as the software I need to use is on my laptop.

They were VERY surly. When I called down to ask what the calling instructions were for calling the US they said "Don't you even know what the calling code to the US is??"

When checking out it took us nearly 1/2 hr for an elevator to get to us empty enough for us to get into it.

When we stayed in 2006 it was about $35/night.

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