Ireland and Northern Ireland Travelogue and Photos
1997: Birding List

white swans with babies near Dublin
oyster catchers, white + black w/long noses
puffins!! at cliff of Moher
guillemots by the score at the cliffs
bullfinch at Ross Abbey
wood pigeon at Ross Abbey
blue tits by house, friary
stock doves in friary
lots of gulls - common, herring, black-back
Shelduck - band around neck
mallard ducks
"black-headed" gulls with bright orange beaks
white and pied wagtails everywhere!
grey wagtails in Inchigeelagh
swallows on all the telephone lines
swifts dashing across the roads
house martins in trios spinning in circles
wrens in the hedges
robins down by the stream
magpies everywhere!
starlings in with other 'black' birds
carrion crows, jackdaws, rooks, ravens by house
grey heron out by river and at Kinsale
kestrel circling in the mountains
ringed plovers on the beaches
mistle thrush, song thrush by fields across the street
corn buntings, brown and speckly, in the fields
greenfinches on the wires by the house!
the elusive chough with the bright orange beak! in the fields (hiding behind the hedgerow)
tiny grey birds with long tails - spotted flycatcher
dunnocks - hedge sparrows - hopping around
stonechats - quite friendly - going "click" and chasing moths in Kinsale
redstarts occasionally in the yard blackbirds in the fields
reed buntings in the back yard

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