Creating Memories

Seeking the Truth - A Medieval Romance Storm's memory has been viciously purged by a blow from a bandit's cudgel. She has a completely blank slate, a fresh start on life. Yet doubts plague her. Was she a bandit herself? A helpless captive? When her memory returns, if it returns, would she betray those she had come to care for?

Falcon, her rescuer, finds his suspicions slowly gentled, his heart entranced by the compassionate woman in his care. Jessica, the haughty contender determined to be by his side, is less forgiving. Jealous of any rival, Jessica is eager to find proof that Storm is intimately linked to the wolves heads.

When the threat of attack looms, the questions of Storm's trustworthiness billow and swirl. Storm desperately struggles to prove to Falcon that she is worthy of his unconditional faith - and of his eternal love.

All proceeds from sales of Lisa Shea's medieval novels benefit battered women’s shelters.

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Book Size: 5.25" x 8"
Page Count: 292 pages
Word Count: 90,000 words
Release Date: February 14, 2012

Creating Memories examines the nature of memories and personality, how character is developed and altered, and what aspects of emotions and intuition can be trusted.

Content Rating
Creating Memories is in the "Pride and Prejudice" category of romance, featuring heartfelt longing and desire while leaving bedroom scenes to the imagination.
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