Bellissimo Spa, Worcester

My first experience at Bellissimo was less than great, but I am ever the optomist. I recently went back with a friend to see if they'd changed - and we had a wonderful time!

Bellissimo is now two levels in a multi-store building on Chandler Street. There's also a Nancy Chang's and a small sandwich bistro here if you want to get food before or after your treatment. You check in downstairs, but the body massages are handled upstairs. The construction is fresh wood with brick wall, large bright windows and gauzy curtains. The walls are sponged in gentle rose and yellow colors. The massage tables are covered with a nicely tapestried blanket.

The massage therapists are very friendly and helpful, and as they work, the background what must be "new age massage music" - gentle cascades of sound without words. I really enjoyed the blend of music.

My friend and I had same-room treatments. She had the rose clay followed by a massage, and I had the heated stones followed by a massage. She really enjoyed her clay. The aroma of the clay was great. She was first brushed with an exfoliator all over. Next she was painted, with a paintbrush, with the warm clay, and each body part was then wrapped in plastic to keep it warm. She got a face massage as well.

I'd never had a stone treatment, so I opted for that. They warm up stones in a water bath, lay you on your stomach, and then put the stones in pairs down your spine. The gentle pressure and continual warmth is REALLY soothing. Each stone is put down one at a time, and it's sort of like drops of water falling into a pool - you feel one, and then its "newness" begins to fade like ripples, and then the next stone is place and you feel its warmth, and so on. My friend could hear the click - clack of the woman working with the stones and said it sounded very soothing. I agreed!

While I lay there with the stones, I received an arm and leg massage. Warm stones were placed in my palms and on my feet. When this part was done, the stones were removed one by one and my body felt very light with that pressure gone - and interestingly I felt a mix of enjoying the lightness and missing the gentle warm pressure. I suppose it can be quite an addictive experience :)

Then you are turned over, sit up, and she place stones on the mattress. You lie down against them. It's not like "lying on rocks" at all - the mattress is soft so they indent into it. It's very comfortable to have the gentle warmth along your back. She does a massage from the front then.

The massage after this treatment was of course quite relaxing. I have huge problems with my shoulder muscles because of the all-day-every-day long typing hours I have, and I imagine she barely got through the first layer of knots in the time she had available. Still, it really did help a lot.

All too quickly we were done. They let you pay for the treatment on credit card - but for the tip you have to pay cash or check. Be prepared for that! There is ample parking in the lot and if you enjoy Chinese food, Nancy Chang's has a lovely outdoor patio as well as their indoor area.

We'll definitely come back for this again sometime!

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