uMark Watermark Software Reviews

I've used the uMark software for many years - both the free and the Pro version. I've recommended uMark to many of my friends. Here are the pros and cons of this software.

First off, it's really cheap. It's one of the cheapest software products out there, around $20 or less. It's easy to use. You browse to find the images, and hit the button. You can put your name in a variety of styles. It does a nice job with the watermarking. With the free version it also brands the image with the uMark logo, but heck, it's free.

The only real downside of uMark is that it can only work on one directory at a time. If you're working with just one batch of images, this might be fine. But in my case, where I have a large site with multiple layers of directories, this turns into a HUGE pain in the butt to go up and down selecting images. It takes eons.

So for small projects uMark is pretty much ideal. For larger products, you need to step up to a more robust software package.

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