Photography Tips and Reviews

I've always loved photography, and with digital cameras being so fantastic, it means I can take trillions of photos without paying for film! You can certainly see the results on this site. Whenever I travel, I come back with thousands of photos, which then help others who want to take the same trip.

Photography Basics
Get a sense of what your camera can do and how to do it!

F-stop and Aperture
Shutter Speed
Rule of Thirds

Fun with Photography
Here are some things to try once you get the hang of the basics.

Droste Effect Photography
Light Painting Photography
Panorama Photography
Underwater Photography
Inversion Photography
Funny Photos
Multiplicity Photos
Weegee and Night Photography
Star Trail Photography
Canon EOS40D Tips

Camera Reviews
I have always adored taking photos. When digital cameras first came out, I leapt on the bandwagon as quickly as I could. I was using digital cameras back when you stuck 3 1/2" floppy disks into them. You didn't need film! You could use the images instantly! You could take thousands of photos! It was an absolute dream. Cameras have definitely changed a great deal since those early floppy disk days, and their resolution has gotten quite amazing!

Canon EOS40D Digital SLR Camera
Canon S90 PowerShot Camera
Canon S100 PowerShot Camera
DXG Luxe high definition video camera
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T20 8.1 Digital Camera
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P200 7.2 Digital Camera
Flip Video Recorder

Book Reviews
Sometimes a well written book with great example photos can tune your skills.

Basic 35mm Photo Guide
The Circle of Life
Complete Digital Photography
Digital Photography An Introduction
Digital Photography Beyond the Camera
KISS Guide to Digital Photography
Mood, Ambience & Dramatic Effects
The Photographer's Handbook

Watermarking is when you have your site name or logo in relief on an image, to help ensure people do not steal it. If they do link to it - and it has your site name right in the center of the image - it's rather obvious! If nothing else, people always know who took the original image.

Advanced Batch Converter Watermark Software
Batch Watermark Creator Watermark Software
UMark Watermark Software

Participating in a Photo Show
There are many opportunities to have your work shown to the public. If you've never participated in a photo show before, here are some notes on how to make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

Finding a Photo Show
What Is a Juried Show?
Matting your Photo
Framing your Photo
Dropping Off your Photo
Logan 450-I Artist Elite Mat Cutter
Lisa's List of Shows

Marketing Yourself
Assembling an Artist CV
Writing an Artist's Statement
Writing an Exhibition Proposal / Exhibition Proposal Template

Topics of Things to Photograph
We all like taking photos of different kinds of things. That's what makes our world so interesting! Here are just a few of the topic areas I enjoy photographing, with examples.

Window Photography - Photos of Windows

Vintage Equipment
Vintage Sawyer Rotomatic 700 Slide Projector

Recovering Data from a SanDisc 64gb Camera Memory Card

Photography and Media
Photography in Advertising

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