Advanced Batch Converter Watermark Software Review

Advanced Batch Converter is a wildly useful software product. It lets you convert between ALL sorts of image software formats on the fly, in batch mode. It'll go down and up between subdirectories! It'll let you morph images, adjust their sizes, and add watermarks. It's only $45!! This is amazing functionality in one software package.

The downside, for people seeking watermark functionality, is that it is VERY basic. You get black text on a white background. Well yes, you can adjust the color of the background, or just have black text. But that's not a watermark. Watermarks are "gently raised" text - so usually it's the same color of the actual photo background. That way you can watermark right across the center of the image and still have the image look like an image. With this watermark, you would have black letters (or whatever color you chose) right across the center of your image. It damages the viewability of the image.

You could put the text at the top or bottom of the page - but then thieves just trim that right off. A watermark really needs to be across the main image to be useful, and it needs to be visible but not blocking the image itself.

Advanced Batch Converter is great for many purposes - but not great for watermarking.

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