Finding a Photo Show

If you're a photographer, one of the most exciting experiences you can have is to participate in a photo show. Live human beings look at your works of art and give you feedback in real time. How do you find a photo show to participate in?

First, search out all of the art groups, community colleges, photo clubs, and other photo-minded people in the area that you can. Ask about mailing lists, newsletters, and other means of contact. Sign up for all of them. You never know when the local art club will have a photo showing and allow non-members to enter. Of course, joining all these groups is even more helpful - but finances might intrude on that idea.

Next, check out your local newspapers and their websites. While newspapers might sometimes get a bad rap for being a thing of the past, they do provide a wealth of information about a local community. Keep an eye out for information about upcoming events and shows.

Build a network of friends who know you enjoy photography. You never know what friend of a friend they might run into. If they have it high in their mind that you love photography and are interested in shows, they'll be sure to tell you the news they heard.

Finally, why not look into starting one yourself! Is there a local restaurant with wall space? A library or town hall area? Approach the person in charge and ask if they'd be interested in getting free decor for their walls for a while. It could easily be a win-win situation!

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