Dropping Off your Photo

OK you're registered for a photo show and you have your gorgeous photo properly matted and framed. Now it's time to drop off your photo. Here are things to keep in mind!

First, make sure you know the exact date, time, and place for the drop-off. The drop off is often a few days before the photo show so that the team has time to properly hang and label the photos involved. Make sure you know how to get there and how you're going to park.

Next, check to find out HOW they will be hanging or displaying your works. Will they be leaning against a wall? Will you need to have wires on your frame? Many frames come just with little hang-tags, but not wires. If your frame does not have a wire, you'll need to add one. If you already have hang tags, you can get a length of thin wire and tie it between the two hang tags. If your frame doesn't have any hang tags, you'll need to add eyes to your frame. Use an awl to make a starting hole about 3" down on each side of the frame. Then screw in a small eye to attach the wire to.

If they will be hanging pieces as people drop them off, it's better to be earlier than later if possible. The earlier people could get prime placement, while those showing up later might get relegated to a back room.

If possible, label each piece on the back with its name. That way there's no mix-up about which labels go with what pieces. Some people sign their name and date on the front of the piece, usually on the mat - but this still doesn't tell the hanging team which of your pieces it is if you submitted multiple of them. The easier you make it, the less chance of a mix-up.

Finally, be patient. The team is probably dealing with a lot of challenges and issues as they get ready. Take your time and have faith that everything will work out eventually.

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