Canon EOS40D Tips

If you own a Canon EOS40D, there are a variety of tips that are good to know about. Here are just a few fun things your Canon EOS40D can do!


To set the timer on your Canon EOS40D, turn the camera on and press the AF-Drive button on the top of the camera, centered above the LCD display.

Look at that LCD display. As you turn the big main wheel down on the back of the camera. You want to watch for the two options that look like a timer. The straight timer is 10 seconds, while the timer with a 2 by it is only 2 seconds.

To then take a photo, press the shutter button as usual. Then run around to the spot in front of the camera to be in the photo!


When you press the button down half-way it tries to auto-focus on whatever you're pointing at. You can then reframe the shot and press fully to take the photo. This is a feature. But it can be a royal pain if you're in a situation where the camera can't see a sharp focus (at night, for example). It means the camera won't take the photo. It doesn't think it can focus so it's protecting you from a fuzzy shot.

In this situation, set the camera to manual focus. The switch for this is on the LEFT OF THE LENS. Switch that from AF to MF and you'll now be in manual focus.


Once you're in manual mode, it's easy to change the shutter speed. Just spin the dial on the top of the unit. But how do you change the other settings? Note you CANNOT change the ISO in Manual Mode. It's stuck on 400. But in creative mode you press the ISO button and then turn the dial.

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