Digital Photography An Introduction

Digital Photography - An Introduction (4th Edition) by Tom Ang is at my local library, and I'm very pleased it is. It means I can take a look through it whenever I want and benefit from its advice. It's 223 pages long with full color photos, and it's packed with valuable information.

Tom Ang has written a myriad of books, and is no stranger to digital photography. So on one hand you have a talented artist explaining his craft. On the other hand, unlike many photography books which clutter my shelves, this one actually gets updated. So his references are timely and accurate when he talks about software and hardware options.

Tom covers a range of issues. He goes into flash effects and lighting. He gives ideas on working with kids. He examines landscapes, portraits, and still life. Parents should note that there's some nudity involved in here. It's up to you if you find that appropriate or inappropriate for your kids' current level.

I love the wealth of examples here. The reader doesn't have to imagine what the changes described might mean - they can see it for themselves. The relatively small format of the book means it can be easily carried along in a camera bag.

There's both a substantial amount of information on the taking of photos, as well as thorough coverage on how to edit the photos afterwards in software.

Well recommended as an all around guide to taking photos in our modern era.

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