Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200 7.2 Digital Camera

I have used many digital cameras over the years. I got this one right when it came out as a small in-purse supplement to my large-lens "real digital camera". The main camera had a gorgeous large lens, a super zoom, and was 5mp. I figured this one would be useful for times I was out and about and didn't have the real camera with me.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200 Over time, though, I realized that I was using this DSC-P200 for pretty much everything. I do origami for sale and take tons of up close photos of origami creations. This camera was super for that. I run a birding website and take lots of photos of birds in trees. The camera was wonderful. I run a gardening site and take garden photos all the time. The camera worked like a charm!

I go on many trips, to Alaska, to Hawaii, to the US West. There are all sorts of landscapes I need to take photos of - large cactii, glaciers, volcanos, and more. The camera has been brilliant in all situations. You can see years worth of photos from this camera on the travelogue area.

The only reason I got another camera after this one is that it is *slightly* heavy and large in my purse. With the new credit card sized phones coming out, I moved up to an 8.1 megapixel camera that was slimmer and lighter. But I still find many features of this DSC-P200 to be superior than the new one I got. The DSC-P200 is just so easy to use, and the images are so nice in quality.

Highly, highly recommended.

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