Canon S90 PowerShot Camera

I'd used digital cameras since they very first came out - since the days of sticking 3 1/2" floppy disks into them. I adored digital cameras. But, for me, they had one key problem. Or, more clearly, I had a problem. I have shaky hands. And the digital cameras ended up taking fuzzy photos most of the time.

Canon S90 PowerShot Camera We specifically chose this Canon S90 for its anti-shake technology. I was a little unsure if it would work - but after a few days I was completely hooked! The camera was amazing. Sure, there will always be certain combinations of settings that will pose a problem for me, but in general the images from this were stunning.

I bought this in December 2009 and I used it non-stop, day after day, for all the websites I run. I took close-ups of spiders. Landscape shots. Portraits. Action scenes. Night shots. The camera shone through everything I threw at it.

The only reason I stopped using this is that I bought a Canon S100 when it came out. Other than that, the S90 still works fine today, in 2014. It's a workhorse.

Highly recommended. Many of the photos you see here on this site were taken with my Canon S90.

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