Canon S100 PowerShot Camera

I owned my Canon S90 for many years and ADORED it. It was the perfect camera for me for point-and-shoot projects. When the Canon S100 came out, I immediately bought one to get access to its better features. That was back in Nov 2012. How have I enjoyed this in its year-and-a-half of use?

Canon S100 PowerShot Camera I love it. Love, love, love it. I have shaky hands and the anti-shake stabilization of this camera is awesome. I've taken day photos, night photos, action shots, still lifes, and far, far more. My boyfriend is in a band so I often take hundreds of photos at a gig, waiting for just the right one. I go on trips and easily take 800 photos a day of the places I'm seeing. I run a variety of websites on nature, wine, cooking, and other topics, so I have a wide range of photos I'm taking every day. This camera shines.

The video out of this camera is wonderful. I've done a wide variety of videos on "how to" for cooking, for my boyfriend's band, in dark, in light, you name it. The camera is just a trooper.

Is it as good as my EOS? No, and that's fine. I use the EOS for the things I enter into art shows, like floral still life images. But this S100 isn't meant for that kind of activity. It's something that's easy to carry in one's pocket and whip out at a moment's notice. When I'm driving around and happen on a deer with her fawns, it's usually the S100 in my purse that I can take the photo with. I don't lug my other cameras around with me everywhere. The S100 is there and it's definitely far better than my phone's camera.

Highly recommended. I just love this camera, and that's after having used it - hard - for a solid year and a half. No issues at all.

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