Canon EOS40D Digital SLR Camera

My boyfriend bought the Canon EOS40D Digital SLR camera back when it came out in 2007. At the time I was an amateur with cameras and used a point-and-shoot. I only understood the bare basics of the various settings. Over the years I've grown into this camera, and now, 7 years later, I adore it.

Canon EOS40D Digital SLR Camera We bought this camera in the package deal with the EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom lens. However, we have literally never used that lens. It has sat in the box, untouched, since the day the camera arrived. We have a number of other lenses which first my boyfriend used, and now that I'm used to this camera, I use. For example, we have a Canon 17-85 lens that we use for landscapes and other similar shots. We also have the Canon 70-200 for birding trips. And so on.

I have a Canon S100 that I carry around as my point-and-shoot, so I don't have this EOS40D on me all day every day. It can get a bit heavy / unwieldy for just casual use, especially with the lenses. But, for example, I just went on a 14 day trip around Europe. I visited Italy, Spain, France, and so on. Every day that I was out I had BOTH cameras on me. I'd whip out the S100 if it was a quick shot - taking a photo of the restaurant, for example. But when I was in Pompeii, photographing the stunning ruins, it was the EOS40D I was composing those shots with. I took easily 1,000 photos a day, and probably 2/3rds of them were the EOS40D while the remaining 1/3rd were quick shots with the S100.

I belong to several art groups / photography clubs and I've greatly enjoyed participating in art shows. In fact I'm heading off to a reception for one as soon as I finish posting this review. By and large the photos I enter into the shows were taken by the EOS40D. There's just something about the clarity and luminosity of these photos that captivates me. And I've won a few awards :).

Highly recommended. I just suggest looking around at other lens options and going with those, vs sticking with this standard lens. The standard lens isn't quite wide enough for lovely landscapes and it's not quite zoomy enough to get those amazing bird photos.

Feel free to contact me with questions! I have tens of thousands of photos online from this camera to look through.

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