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One of the pages which should be the most useful - and is the most flawed - in the Biggest Loser SlimCoach system is their My Goal and Health Plan tab. Here is the good and not-so-good of this page.

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First, the basics. This visually shows the goal you have set for yourself. In my case, it was to lose 10 pounds and go from 135 to 125 at a rate of 2 pounds a week. The system marked this out for me from March 22 to April 26, at an ever increasing activity rate. The green line represents what I should burn in calories every day to reach my goal.

Its starting calorie burn is 160 each day. Its ending calorie burn on the last day is 660 calories. So they expect me to ramp up my activity.

The blue line, above, with the purple person on it, is my actual calories burned. On the first day I burned 830 calories. The second day is still in progress here so that's why it's lower. When the day ends it will show the proper final result, going in pretty much a straight line.

There's a slider on the bottom row and you can slide to any day to see either your actual values, if it's in the past, or what you should be doing on that day, if it's in the future. So here's an example of a past date.

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Here's an example of looking at a future date - the last one on the chart.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

So here's part of the problem. When the system looks at the total calories to burn, it adds up your active calories - the exercises you did - and adds into that the base metabolic rate of your body (BMR). This is the amount your body burns just to stay alive. In my case, at 135 pounds that number is 1350 calories.

However, a larger body burns more calories than a smaller body does. So a person at 300 pounds burns far more calories by just "living" than a 200 pound person does. But this system ignores that completely. So a person who has a three month plan and goes from say 300 pounds to 250 pounds in the first two months still has the future goals assuming they have the BMR of the 300 pound person. They don't! So all the numbers are now incorrect. The system continues to use the wrong BMR and the problem gets more and more serious as the person goes, because that discrepancy gets larger and larger.

Also, why is it showing the total calories burned in the future goals? That means we have to subtract our our BMR to know what their target value is for what we should do. It would be much more user friendly for them to show us the amount of exercise we have to go for the upcoming days. As it is, we have to do the math ourselves.

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