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I've been enjoying a low carb lifestyle since 2004. I write weekly articles on low carb at BellaOnline.com on recipes, menu ideas, product reviews, book reviews, and much more.

One key in achieving success in any healthy living lifestyle is to maintain your focus on your goal. Here are some signs to help you with that!

Biggest Loser SlimCoach
The unit currently used on the Biggest Loser TV series is the SlimCoach unit. This unit is about the size of a business card and hangs on your hip like a pedometer. It can be used in conjunction with a heart rate monitor to provide a full set of detailed information about health. The online website can allow you to track your food intake as well.
Biggest Loser SlimCoach Review

Weight Milestone Signs
The best way to tackle a goal is to break it into small, easy to manage chunks. With weight, focus on just the next five pounds in front of you. That way you can celebrate when you reach that goal. Here are my FREE weight milestone signs to help you with that!
Weight Milestone Signs

Exercise Gear
Most of our exercise gear reviews are on the BellaOnline site, but I do have a review here for the Nautilus exercise bike we used for many years.
Nautilus Exercise Bike

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