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One of the most inane areas of the Biggest Loser SlimCoach system is the daily caloric balance tab. This supposedly gives you an overall sense of how well you're burning calories vs consuming them. Instead, it shows completely invalid data.

Here is my report for the second day of using the unit. It says I have burned 1780 calories and consumed 1200 calories.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

First, I'm not sure what it thinks the 1780 represents. My exercise calories on the first day were 830 calories. My total calories for the first day were 2180 (including my BMR). So the 1780 is neither of those.

And second, I didn't eat 1200 calories! That is what they RECOMMENDED I eat, but as shown here, I only actually consumed 545 calories on the first day.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach

My boyfriend did tests with this over several weeks. What he found was this.

The burn rate is just not right. It doesn't reflect what calories were burned by the person.

The intake rate is ABSOLUTELY not right. What the system does is take the burn rate and then look at the weight change - as reported by you - from your starting rate. So it then figures any change between those numbers must represent calories that you ate. That is, it takes the calories you burned, matches that against the weight you lost, and assumes that whatever is left is the amount of calories you ate.

However, that's not true at all for humans - especially for women. A full quarter of my life (at least until I hit menopause) is spent dealing with a period. That causes weight gain. That has nothing to do with food I've ingested. It solely has to do with water my body is temporarily holding onto.

If I'm manually entering every item of food I eat - and carefully weighing it out on my kitchen scale - why isn't it using that data to properly show what my consumption is? That way I can tell if there's a discrepancy and look into water bloating or other issues that could be causing it.

There's a fairly substantial difference between me knowing I ingested only 545 calories, and the system claiming I must have eaten 1200 calories.

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