Biggest Loser SlimCoach Sync Manager

It's important to realize that the Sync Manager for the Biggest Loser SlimCoach is different from their web interface. The Sync Manager is a small app that runs on the computer and lets you sync and charge your SlimCoach.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach When you install your SlimCoach software from the web site, one of the things it installs is an icon in the bottom right of your desktop. This icon looks just like a black SlimCoach complete with the green ring in its center. Click on that icon in order to bring up this Sync Manager screen.

The Sync Manager is very basic. It only does two main things.

First, it lets you know the charging status of your SlimCoach. When you first get your SlimCoach, expect it to take about 2 hours to fully charge up. You'll probably take that long playing with all the web screens anyway, tweaking them to be the way you want them :).

Second, the sync manager lets you do the sync between your SlimCoach unit and the website which holds your data. Any time you change data on the website, or log more activity onto your SlimCoach, you use this sync button in order to transfer the data back and forth.

It makes sense why you'd need to sync data TO the website. Your SlimCoach is reading your heart rate and other statistics and storing them internally. Somehow that data needs to get up to the website so it can be stored and reported.

The reason you also need to sync data FROM the website has to do with the green ring. In order for the green ring to properly report how much of your daily caloric burn you have gotten done, the SlimCoach unit has to know what that total caloric burn number should be. Since you can change your goals in the online system, you would then need to sync those new goals with the SlimCoach unit.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach IMPORTANT NOTE: We've done this many times now. While it's uploading there are many times that it will display the message "you can unplug your device now". That message is WRONG. If it says it's uploading or downloading, don't unplug it.

Here's an example of where the loading screen is mismatched. DO NOT unplug your device in this situation. Realize that it is actively loading data, and leave it alone until that loading activity is finished.

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