Biggest Loser SlimCoach Unit

The Biggest Loser SlimCoach unit is a small device that lets you track your calories burned on a real time basis. It then connects to a computer so you can download and analyze that data.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach In this photo, it's important to note that you do NOT put the battery into the unit! The battery is only there for a size comparison. This is how tiny the Biggest Loser SlimCoach unit is. It is barely the size of a business card. In thickness, it is about as thick as a finger. So it is very light, very small, and once you have it on your hip or person you can easily forget it is there. This is great in terms of not interfering with your chosen workout routine.

However, it's also fair to say that it's fairly flimsy. It's made of thin plastic. When the green ring light lights up, you can see the green light also "seeping" out of the stripe where the plastic body connects together around the middle. So this isn't a robust, heavy duty unit.

I'm the type of paranoid person who buys super-thick rubber protectors for my iPods and for my smartphone. I am fairly nervous about the idea of this thin plastic unit with a fairly hefty price tag being on my side while I run, bike, kayak, and do other types of activities. So we will see if it is fine as is, or if I have to get some sort of a rubber protector for this as well. As far as I can see, they don't offer one right now to fit it.

There are no complicated buttons here - just one single one within the ring. And really, you should never have to push anything. You wear it, it tracks what you are doing. When you're ready to report the results, you plug it into the supplied micro-USB cable and connect it to your computer.

Even in terms of light, it is simple. There is the one light ring on the outside which lets you know how much progress you are making to your daily goal. In addition there is a small light on the upper left for tasks such as charging.

The unit has two main functions. First, it's a pedometer. Simple. Second, it tracks input from a heart rate monitor. So during any heart-happy activity you'll want to wear that monitor. Especially if your legs aren't moving much during the activity. It's the only way the device will know you're burning calories.

We've now had two of these units fail within a month. The first failed on day 8. The second failed three weeks later. So we're on our third unit. I'll let you know how this one does, but so far the "flimsy" evaluation seems to be accurate.

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