First Month with the Biggest Loser SlimCoach

Our first month with our Biggest Loser SlimCoach resulted in two catastrophic failures. On day 8 the unit completely died and we had to send it back to get a new one. Our new one died three weeks later. That's not an encouraging failure rate.

Biggest Loser SlimCoach The first failure was probably because we were taking it into a sauna. The sauna was well within its operating temperature range so it should have worked. If it failed because of that it doesn't bode well for those who live in Texas or Arizona. Still, we sent it back and got a new one and no longer took it into the sauna. Now we just worked out two hours a day in the gym with it.

After three weeks of that, it died. Again there was nothing their tech support could do to resurrect it, so we had to get a third one. This one now was kept "super clean". It stayed at home and only did Wii dancing. So we'll see how long it lasts in this pristine situation with someone who doesn't sweat a lot.

A lot of the ramp-up issues eventually smoothed out as the system got more data. So the initial setting of a snail turned more properly into a shark once the system got more data. The charts began functioning more properly.

That being said, the system still has many mathematical errors in it.

With the long term chart, that shows your progress over time, it uses your starting BMR for the entire chart progress. That is, if you start at 300 pounds, you have a fairly high BMR. It assumes you have that same BMR throughout the course of the chart, even if you are only 200 pounds down the line. Clearly your BMR at 200 pounds is far less than it had been at 300 pounds, so the data is now all wrong.

Next, even though you meticulously record all your meals in the system, the system doesn't use that data. It only uses the weight changes you enter, and the calories burned recorded by the SlimCoach device. So if you burn a ton of calories, but don't lose weight, it tells you that you ate too much. It doesn't even think that maybe it was water gain because you're female and are having your period. So this can cause trouble for people trying to use this as an accurate fitness monitoring system. You're already telling it what you ate - surely it should use that data?

Related to this, it won't let you enter calories. So if their device fails (as it has a tendency to do) you simply lose those calories, period. There's no way to manually update the system. So your fitneses records are now permanently incorrect. That also damages its ability to be a reliable long term tracking system.

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