Name of the Rose

Starring Sean Connery and Matthew Broderick, this tale of medieval monks and a series of murders is one that can be watched over and over again. And if you think the movie is good, try reading the book by Umberto Eco. It is a masterpiece.

Matthew plays Melk, a young monk who is traveling with his mentor, William (Sean Connery). The two are going to a meeting of monks from various orders to discuss some areas in which their orders do not agree. When William arrives, he finds that a murder has taken place. The local monks are worried that the Devil is amongst them, but William, part Brother Cadfael, part Sherlock Holmes, shows that logically it was a human issue.

The various factions arrive and more murders begin to take place. In addition to the regular chaos caused by the murders and by the fighting monks, Ubertino, an Inquisitioner, arrives. He and William have had issues in the past because William does not believe in the Inquisition's methods. Of course Ubertino sees that his strong arm is needed here which sets him and William on a collision course yet again.

It is fascinating to learn about the view of women by many religions at this time (that women were evil, fallen creatures) and how the various orders had interpreted in such diverse ways the instructions of the Bible. Some tended towards strict poverty, others, extreme opulence.

The story was set in the mountains of northern Italy, and the exterior for the movie was built outside of Rome. The interior shots were done at the Kloster Eberbach Abbey in Germany, at Stadt Eltville.

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