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At times it can seem very un-PC to be interested in the German culture. Wasn't this the land of Hitler and the Nazis? But the German culture stretches back over thousands of years. Yes, a small group over a certain number of years participated in heinous crimes. But even during WW2, there were many German Jews who were persecuted, and many German gentiles who risked life and limb to stand up for honor. Let us respect those Germans of all religions and races who struggled against the odds to find a better life.

German Movie Listing

Famous People
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Richard Wagner - German Composer
Uta Hagen Dies at Age 84

Travelling In Germany
German Travel Phrases and Words
Electricity and Telephone in Germany
Bremen - Musicians and Wine
Bremerhaven - German Port
Hamburg - German Harbor
Stade - Medieval City

Travelling Near Germany
Amsterdam Holland Tourism Tips
Brussels Belgium Tourism Tips
Brussels Belgium Sights and Things to See
Luxembourg Tourism Tips

Traditional German Items
Gewurztraminer - German Sweet Wine
History of the Feather Bed
German Shepherd Dog


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