Mostly Martha

In Mostly Martha, Martina Gedeck stars as the title character who is a gourmet chef with a bit of an obsessive personality.

Her life is well ordered, and her dedication to her craft is so intense that if a diner sends a meal back, she stomps into the dining room to confront the person on his or her mistake.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes. Martha's sister is killed in a car crash, and Martha takes custody of her 8 year old niece, Lina. Martha tries to feed the niece gourmet dinners, but the niece politely refuses. Martha's late night schedule makes it hard for her to get Lina in to school on time. Soon Lina is coming to the kitchen with Martha, and opens up to Martha's helper, an Italian chef.

The drama is very realistic; things do not go smoothly. Lina misses her mother. Martha tries to help but gets very frustrated at this unwanted change in her life. Lina's natural father shows up from Italy to take the girl home. In the end, the characters discover what their real priorities are in life, and we get our happy ending.

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