Eye of the Needle

In this spy thriller starring Donald Sutherland, a WW2 German spy has discovered the secret of the D-Day Invasion. Now he just has to get past an English woman.

Based on a popular story by Ken Follett, the movie traces "The Needle" as he gathers information in war-torn Britain and sends it back to his superiors in Germany. He tries to blend in as much as possible, killing only when his secret is compromised.

During this time, a young woman marries a fighter pilot, but as they drive off for their honeymoon they get into a car crash and he is crippled. The two move out onto "Storm Island", their only companion an old drunk lighthousekeeper.

Of course the stories merge as The Needle gets his most important assignment - to figure out exactly where the Allied forces are going to land. He gets the information and tries to get out of England with it, getting shipwrecked on Storm Island in the process.

I loved the book, and think the movie did a really good job with many of the complexities. The interactions between The Needle and the steady English wife are extremely well done, as they move from layer to layer of knowledge about each other.

There's only one scene in Germany, when the German HQ is sending information off to The Needle. The scene is set in "Berlin" but all you see is the outside of the HQ and then a few internal shots. A U-Boat figures as well, but has only a cameo appearance.

Still, you get bits of German dialogue to listen to, and it's an enjoyable thriller to watch just for the WW2 atmosphere.

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