Where Eagles Dare

Recently released on DVD, Where Eagles Dare is a 1968 story of Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton, and a German outpost high in the mountains of Bavaria. The Schloss Adler is the HQ of the Secret Service - and they have captured an Allied General who knows the full plans for the second front.

The group going to rescue the General is British, except for Clint. None of the group know each other. All are trained in survival and all speak fluent German. Unknown to the main group, a girl parachutes after them.

The group doesn't seem to be very survival-oriented - one guy loudly yells out "Major!!" when he finds the dead radio operator. The sound echoes across the valley. It turns out the group leader and the girl are in cahoots and meet up later. In another demonstration of non-stealth, the "Major" tells other Germans he's Himmler's brother and gets into a 'fight' with the girl. Those who like to 'drink along' should know the spies drink beer and cognac at the bar.

We find out that the 'General' who crashed was a fake - it is an actor posing as the general who deliberately crashed. The story continues on, with more twists and turns.

In addition to the non-stealthy actions of the crew, there's also the non-German speaking. I was really hoping for German-language comments or even background, but it was all in straight English. There was never any indication about when the group was "supposed" to be speaking English or German - and in several scenes it might have mattered.

Still, seeing Eastwood and Burton together is great, the plot gets more convoluted and action-packed as it goes, and I know many people who love this movie as one of their favorites. The Special Features on the DVD even goes into the great Austrian and Bavarian locations used in filming. Interestingly, the castle used in filming has NEVER been successfully taken.

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