The Devil's Brigade

Starring William Holden and featuring many other well known actors, The Devil's Brigade is a world war 2 tale based on a true story of a group of heroes.

William Holden is a US army officer with no real combat experience who is given a run-down camp in Montana and orders to create a fine fighting force. The first half of the unit shows up - the worst the US has to offer, they fight and gamble. In march the well trained Canadians, with bagpipes blaring.

Holden tells both groups this is the "First Special Service Force" and that if someone fails, they're to be kicked out. The Canadians sent the best of the best, the US sent the worst of the worst. The US group fights amongst themselves at first but quickly band together to take on the 'pretty' Canadian group.

A bar fight bands the group together. They are threatened with disbanding, but soon find another assignment - on the Italian front. They're told to do a simple scouting mission of a German-controlled town. Instead take on the entire town. Victory brings them a new mission, taking a mountain-top fort.

While some compare this to the Dirty Dozen, the Dirty Dozen was a made up story. This one is based on fact :) It was filmed in San Lucia, Italy.

There's a lot of German spoken by the German soldiers in the Italian locations. Practice up your German by watching that half of the film several times!

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