The Boys from Brazil

Starring Lawrence Olivier and Gregory Peck, The Boys from Brazil tells about Dr. Mengele in the 1980s, carrying out a plan to raise 94 clones of Adolph Hitler.

Peck is the evil doctor, while Olivier is a Jewish Nazi-hunter who gets put onto the operation by a young Steve Guttenberg. When Guttenberg is killed after discovering the plot, Olivier has to figure out just what is going on.

In the 80s it might have seemed fantastic to clone humans, and the 10 minute long "this is how cloning works" speech was necessary. Nowadays we live in a world of cloned horses and cows and the ideas behind cloning are known to most people. The movie explains well how not only the cloned baby is necessary - but also all of the environmental conditions that caused the child to develop the way he did.

The movie takes place mostly in Paraguay - where Mengele's base of operations is - and Austria - where the Nazi hunter is based. However, the first assassination victim lives in Gladbeck, West Germany, and you get some scenes of an industrial area and pub there. There are other locations - London, Sweden, even Pittsfield Massachusetts. The movie ends up in New Providence, Pennsylvania for its final scene.

Much of the movie was filmed in Portugal, and they recreated the Paraguay jungle by importing $50,000 in tropical plants!

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