Best of Travels with Rick Steves

Rick Steves does a series of travel videos that cover inexpensive trips and must-see spots. In this one, he visits Munich and Berlin in Germany.

The series was done in 2000 so the information is relatively up to date. Rick travels with his wife and two toddlers, giving information both on adult museums and entertainment for kids.

In Munich he visits beer halls and stops by a concentration camp. He heads southwest to the famed castle in the Bavarian Alps.

Up to Berlin, where he stops by the Berlin wall and explains the differences still visible between East Berlin and West Berlin. He explores a few museums and palaces.

This is a great way to get a feeling for the cities and layouts of Munich and Berlin, and see some of the gorgeous landscapes and interiors you'll find there. It's awfully quick for just a 'sit back and enjoy' sort of movie, but if you're planning a trip to either location it's a good way to get a general familiarity with what you'll find there.

It would have been nice if they were more plentiful with maps and "you are here" sorts of indicators during the film, though. If you have a map of Germany handy, it helps to keep track of where they are talking about.

Austria and Switzerland are on this DVD as well.

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