Pocket Posh Sudoku 3

Pocket Posh Sudoku 3 is a small sized book - about 4" x 6" - with a built in rubber-band style place holder. It's meant for each carry in a purse or pocket, and has 100 puzzles in it to keep you entertained. With all the research showing how much puzzles can keep your mind alert, you could almost say this style of book can help keep you healthy!

Pocket Posh Sudoku3

The small book size means when you are trying to press open a pair of pages - the puzzles usually show up on the right or the left side of the page - it's a bit hard. The book is "thick" so the pages bow out and don't lay flat. You end up snapping the spine. Which I suppose in the grand scheme of things doesn't really matter. The book is one-use. You go through and solve the puzzles, then recycle the paper. Still, I'd have love to have seen this spiral bound so that when you're working on a given puzzle you can wrap the book so only that page is open. You only need one page open after all. That way you can easily hold it and work on the puzzle.

I love sudoku in general because it doesn't rely on you having seen an obscure movie or know some bizarre item from history. It is all about your brain's ability to think logically. If you work on that puzzle long enough, you'll figure out the solution. You never need information outside of that one page.

The book provides puzzles in ranges from easy to difficult. However, sudoku fans I know could do even the "difficult" ones extremely quickly. I think this is one of the problems of trying to create a "please everyone" book. I think it would have worked far better if they had one book of easy, then one book of really hard, and so on. That way people who were getting started could have a whole book they enjoyed, instead of a book that was half-too-hard. People who love sudoku and who are really good at it could have a whole book of challenging puzzles, rather than a book with a few good puzzles and the rest far too easy to enjoy.

Still, the book in general is a great idea for sudoku puzzle fans. My suggestions for future versions would be a spiral binding and a single-difficulty book.

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