Riddles, Mind Teasers, Fun Stories

Riddles and Mind Teasers
The Doctor Riddle
Food Knock-Knock Jokes
hockey golf car Riddle
HSALF Riddle
Math Over the Years
You know you are a true Michigander when...
MOmanON Riddle
Paid - I'm - Worked Riddle
The Plane Crash Riddle
pod pod pod Riddle
The Safest Room Riddle
this shirt is no Riddle
Silly Knock-Knock Jokes
Song-Related Knock-Knock Jokes
stairs Riddle
town Riddle
The Water Jug Riddle

Funny / Interesting Stories
Blues music - the fundamental rules
Dell customer support call
Diary of a Dog - Diary of a Cat
Donkey in the Well/A>
Great Computer Mistakes of New Users
Great Truths about Life
Fight! Kikkoman!
Hamlet Haiku
If Computers were like Cars ...
Little Rabbit Fu-Fu
Martha´s Way and My Way
A Musical Pun
Of Sports and Kids
Sand and Stone Inspirational Story
The Soap Story
Titanic Haiku
Vincent Van Gogh's Family
Lots of Whys

Dumb Criminal Stories
Dumb Criminals: Full Pockets
Dumb Criminals: Helpful Criminals
Dumb Criminals: Keep it Close
Dumb Criminals: Moving the Loot
Dumb Criminals: Oil Change
Dumb Criminals: Onion Rings
Dumb Criminals: Smart Computer
Dumb Criminals: The Escape

Book Reviews
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
The Gift of the Magi
The Mists of Avalon - Book vs Miniseries
Pocket Posh Crosswords
Pocket Posh Sudoku 3

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